December 2011 & January 2012 Good egg post award goes to...TeeJay & Doggie

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    In reply to doggie:

    Well done you two, better late than never :-)

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    Well done, both!  Always enjoy reading your posts.

  • In reply to Keeta:

    Two worthy winners

    Alan your always first to welcome newcomers and give advice, you are a typical yorkshire man.


     The forum map must have taken ages thanks for your time, like Alan your always willing to help.

    long overdue



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    Sorry bit late as been down with a bug this past couple of weeks.

    Congratulations Alan and TJ.Well....... Well deserved.



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    Thank you very much Guys and Gals. I contribute to this forum because I enjoy it and the cyber company of all you wonderful folk. I can't speak for Alan but I suspect he feels the same.



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    I haven't been on here for ages (sorry) but must just congratulate both of you. I remember TeeJay of course, he has always been a superb and very friendly contributor and I am sure Alan is brilliant and an equally well deserved winner.

    Kind regards Jane.

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    Well, catching up a bit and will get in my congrats to you both quickly before this is laid to rest! Lol!

    "All weeds are flowers, once you get to know them" (Eeyore)

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  • In reply to Rockwolf:

    Thanks to both Goldcrest and Marjus. Yes, agree with doggie , it's time to make way for the next recipient. Over to you Mods.



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