Racing Pigeon?

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of racing pigeon, it's been visiting my garden for well over a month now, I have no problem with it being around, it used to be really tame and I was able to sit next to it in the garden hand feeding it, it's not tame at all now all I have to do is look out the window and 50% of the time it'll fly away, but when the postman comes he'll sit there and continue feeding.

I don't know whether it's male or female, just assumed it was a male lol, he's been named 'Pidge' by my family, and he's got 2 rings on his right leg one green and one blue. The green one is plain, but the blue one has letters and numbers on it.

He's a really pretty bird...

The only thing that concerns me is that last night on my way home from walking the dog at 10pm, he was sitting on the roof of my house huddled up sleeping in the rain and it made me feel bad :-( Is there anything I can do for this lovely bird?

Becca :-)

  • hi Becca

    It is a racer, there could be a phone No on one of the rings.

    All you can do is feed and hope after a rest it will fly back home.

    This time of year some of the young may be in training. and some do go astray.

    If you go on google and print reporting lost pigeons you may learn more



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  • In reply to Barnsley lad:

    Becca, I am going to give you a slightly different answer.  I wouldn't feed it and it is likely it is only hanging about because you are feeding it.  After a month it is unlikely to go home but if you can pick it up it will have owner's details stamped under the wing.   The owner is obliged to come and get it but I cannot guarantee what the owner will do with it if it has failed to come home of its own accord.

    The Cotswold Water park sightings website

    My Flicker page

  • In reply to Bob Philpott:

    I have also heard that once a racing pigeon strays, the owners don't want them.  Not sure if this is true.


  • In reply to doggie:

    LOL. You'd best get building one of those Becca!!

    Cheers, Linda.

    See my photos on Flickr

  • In reply to Sparrow:

    If you can tempt it inside, contact these people to report it.

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  • In reply to Maria:

    Done a quick check

    The pigeon needs to be contained before reporting,if poss in a decent sized box with vent holes.

    As Bob has said the flight wings could have a address and phone number stamped on the flight feathers. To find this gently open the wings to reveal and ring the owner.

    If you can't find anything the ring will be numbered,

    If the ring no starts with GB then phone 01452 713529

    If the ring starts with NPA  ring Graham Giddings 01458 851617 7am  8 pm

    Hope this helps.

    In the ring no yuo will get the year the bird was born eg o9 will mean 2009

    Hope this will help.

     Feed and water the bird in the box



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    Thanks everyone, looks like I've got a job on my hands trying to catch him!

    He slept on the roof again last night, in the rain again, I hate seeing him on his own up there :-( Silly I know, but I'm a real animal lover lol.

    I'll let you all know how I get on lol :-)

    Doggie I'll watch that video when I'm back on my laptop :-)

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    hello 'Saint' Becca, of good deeds or should that be This would give you the opportunity you have been waiting for to road test your Landy. "Catch The Pigeon" (sounds like Dick Dastardly)! A trail of seed/peas into the back of the Landy, get the Pigeons address & then set off on that road trip deliver the poor wee chap to it's rightful owner. Good to hear from you anyway Becca.



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  • In reply to David:

    LOL, I think the sight of my car would send this pigeon flying! It's doing well though, just had a new gearbox, transfer box and clutch fitted, talk about a re-build eh?!

    I'm going to need to think of a way to catch this pigeon somehow though, I'm getting to the point to resort to a box and a piece of string haha!

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    Hi Becca,think no pigeon owner would want a useless racer returned,think it would join other feral pigeons if you could stop feeding it and find a dry roosting spot with them.Assuming there are feral pigeons in your area,they do seem just about everywhere.