Where have the blackbirds gone!!

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    Thanks all for your answers much appreciated, my female blackbird was becoming quite tame hope she comes back!!!!

    thanks again

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    We had a female the other day but she was completely bald poor thing. :(

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    All my blackbirds have vanished as well along with,the sparrows and most (but not all) the starlings.

    I do however still see my single greenfinch and 2 goldfinches quite regularly which is great as these are both new regulars for me!

    As the food is now so slow in having to be replenished I have decided now is a good time to stock up for the winter!

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    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

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    Yes I had one exactly the same called him scruff, in the end even asked on here if he was ok, he has left now but nodoubt he well be back soon when he eaten and had rest. he was a dad to 3 lots of babies he no sooner had one lot grown up then another lot hatched, no wonder he was scruffy with all the sex and feeding he did lol. Can't wait for him to come back all smart and recoved.

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    Thank you all for your replys they still not back so im presuming they have buggered off somwhere warm lol, cant say i blame them one bit.  Will they come back to the same place next year i wonder or find somwhere else to nest?


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    Like you Julie , all my blackbirds have disappeared...two months now.But I know they'll be back .I have a disabled female visit ,who I call Pegs(short for Pegleg) and I'm wondering how she is doing,and whether she'll return.

    As Alan says, don't worry.



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    Hi Julie. I too have had a disabled female blackbird and I too called her Pegleg.  She went from my garden about 6 weeks ago.  I live in the Fylde area of Lancashire.  Do you live any where near and could this be the same bird.  The funny thing is that my husband is called  Alan too.


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    Hi Lucida.

    It's me ,Viv, who has the disabled blackbird.They won't be the same as I live in the West Mids.

    That's a picture of her in my avatar.She was a really friendly bird and I do miss her.

    Let's hope both our birds return.



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    So reassured to read all these responses. I had loads of blackbirds every day but have not seen one for about a month now. Thought it was just me! Still loads of sparrows, tits, doves etc. Like a couple of others here, I also quite often get disabled blackbirds - one leg or a broken leg. I wonder why they are more susceptible? They all seem to manage OK though :-D

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    It's the same for me here in E Kent Beverley & loads of Pyracantha berries waiting for their return!  Possibly they get injured by cats as they are always targets foraging on the ground a lot of the time?


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