Housemartin flat flies

Hi all,

We have a huge amount of Housmartins nesting around our house. We love them but the flat flies and possibly mites too are coming into our house. 

Is there anything we can do? 

  • Good to read you have lots of house martins there. We get them here, but every year, they have to run the gauntlet of house sparrows. This morning, I looked out the window the chase a sparrow away from what appears to be a newly active martin nest only to find a great spotted woodpecker heading towards the house!

    Anyway, not had any insect problem here and it may be coincidence you get them there at the same time martins are. Not sure they're an issue to humans anyway. At least, not in this country as far as I'm aware.

    Keeping windows shut on the side of the house the martins use would be an option.