Blackbird nest in shed have I spooked it?

not ideal but the first nest they built we threw out unknowingly as it was empty and we assumed deserted. We discovered a second so son removed but when I saw it was full of eggs I immediately told him we have to put it back. I kept an eye on it hoping the nest was viable, I thought I saw a shadow so I crept in again to glance and spooked her Sob  I had an idea to put our security camera in there but it immediately lost WiFi and refused to cast to the phone I got frustrated as I didn't want to enter the shed and spook her again if she had returned but then equally I don't want her to not return and the eggs because left without incubation. It's like shrodingers cat the bird is both there and not unless I can see around the corner Disappointed any suggestions? We found one egg on the pavement but can't see if it's viable with light. Placed back in the nest and wondering if there are possibly 4 babies hanging in the balance Pensive