Juvenile gulls are tricky (for me anyway!)

Thought this was a Herring Gull but now thinking it might be a GBB Gull - is the completely black bill significant?

Appreciate any help. Thanks


  • You're not alone.

    What doesn't make it any easier, there aren't enough books around dedicated to juveniles, at all stages of growth

    Don't take my word for it, but I'm about to throw a red herring in, based on the wing tips, and think possibly lesser black backed....

    But that is purely a very wild guess, and hopefully someone will put us both out of our misery.


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  • The Collins Bird Guide has a reasonable coverage of Gull aging but I agree they can be a nightmare. To me this bird looks too lightweight for Greater Black Backed and it just seems wrong for Lesser. I would opt for Herring Gull as you first suggested but no doubt our Gull experts will prove me wrong.


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