Dead baby sparrow with head poking out of nest box

There is a dead baby (think) sparrow in my nest box. What seems interesting to me is that its head is poking out the front. Does anyone know if this means anything, for example if it might indicate a problem with the box?  It’s a new box up this year, facing north.

  • Hard to know for sure, but the box may well have got too hot. It's not tucked up under the eaves as recommended, and the photo shows it in full sun. As the sun is directly overhead, to be north facing, that suggests the photo was taken quite a few hours before the post was created. As it's a terrace, the length means it'd catch more sun. The bird leaning out seems to suggest it is trying to escape the heat or get access to cooler air. The only other thing that may be possible is a woodpecker tried to get it out but was disturbed very early on.