Jackdaw assistance

A jackdaw was attacked by about 10 or more birds, and fell into my garden yesterday. I took it to the vet, who said that it was ok, and to release it back in my garden. I fed it overnight, and released it into the garden today. After about 10 minutes it flew up onto the roof and was calling out (to the parent birds I suppose), and was then attacked again by many similar looking birds. One was on top of it pecking viciously, so I managed to scare it away. I've managed to retrieve the young bird, and have it safe in a box with some food and water. I've tried calling rescue centres but they're either too far away, don't answer, or advise to let whatever happen.

Can anyone help please?

I live in Paulton, BS39 7XU.

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  • Hi Kevin,  really sorry to hear the Jackdaw is still getting attacked,  corvids can be quite territorial so will attack other birds if they stray into their areas.    Well done with what you have done so far and trying to release it again;   problem with bank holiday weekends - it is often hard to find help but if the Jackdaw is still in need of help by Monday you could try THIS LINK which shows a wildlife rescue centre in your area.     You could try emailing them but with holiday period it depends if anyone is monitoring reports.    Good luck and thanks for caring enough to try get this bird help.  

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    Regards, Hazel 

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