Decapitated baby birds

I have just made a horrible discovery in my garden underneath a tree. I found 3 very young dead baby birds caught in the tree branches - 2 of which were decapitated. I then found a further 2 dead babies on the floor under the tree, 1 of which was also decapitated and also found 1 of the baby's heads. All of the birds look like they had not long hatched as they are really small with no feathers. I was mortified to find this and I would like to know what could have possibly done this, as I haven't seen any cats in our garden and I would never have imagined other birds doing this. Thank you.

  • Magpies, Woodpeckers and Jays will predate bird boxes, Crows will predate nests in bushes, shrubs and climbers. Sparrows will also predate nests, depending on what nest they were in and how accessable it was, cats could get to nests

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  • As Catlady says lots will predate nests. Squirrels will go for nestlings as well

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  • As said any of the Corvid family could be responsible for this but for me the prime suspect would be a Grey Squirrel I have seen video of similar behaviour taken from a camera trap. On a similar theme last night's clips on Springwatch of a Hedgehog raiding a Skylarks nest would be a surprise to many people and maybe change their view on Mrs Tiggywinkle. Amazing bit of film though


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