I still have a lot of starlings in my garden, is this unusual?

  • Hi Polly,

    Welcome to the forum from me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    The answer to your question is NO! They are very common and can come in large numbers. Personally, I love them as they are such fabulous characters but I appreciate some class them as a pest. I say look at  the positive side as they are such great fun!

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  • Hi Polly and welcome to the forum!

    The starling is a resident species so it is possible to see them all year in the UK. In fact there are more starlings here over winter than during the summer as we have an influx of visitors from Scandinavia and northern Europe that come here to avoid the harsh weather! Although from the looks of things, we are in for our own cold spell here!

    If you have any apples or pears that are a bit past their best then slice them in half and hang them on strings in your garden, it is a great way of feeding the starlings on the cheap!

  • Pauline G said:

    I still have a lot of starlings in my garden, is this unusual?

    Have loads of starlings every day and I love them, winter and summer alike they are welcome in our garden with their arguments and antics.

  • Hi Polly

    I get a lot of starlings visiting my garden too and they eat pretty much everything that I put out. I'm not a huge fan of them mainly for this reason as the smaller birds like sparrows, robins, dunnocks and suchlike don't get a look in sometimes. Expect to see more with this cold snap upon us!!



  • I love watching them too, they have such characters. Mine love Sultanas and raisins.

  • Pauline G said:

    I still have a lot of starlings in my garden, is this unusual?

    A mile from our house is the second biggest roost in the country. On winter evenings we sometimes get hundreds collecting in our trees ready to fly off to roost for the night.  When they suddenly  go silent and take off all together it is a breathtaking sight.


  • Hi everyone,  I heard that at its peak we have in total of approximately 23 million Starlings in the UK over winter with those that have flown in from colder climes.......I think that we have roughly 20 million in our back garden at the moment!!!!  There seems to be soooo many! I could put a bag of suet pellets out 3 times a day - within an hour they have eaten the lot!  They do make me smile though - I love to watch them squawking and fighting mid-air to get to the feeders.....they fly in like little airplanes!

    It's funny though as when they start to fly in, all the other birds come too - tits,dunnocks, sparrows, blackbirds,our solitary robin.....its as if they say, " right grubs up"!!

  • Yes , I’ve noticed this too with the humungous gaggle that descends after one of the stalking scouts lets them know foods out. On the one hand they overwhelm the other birds but on the other they seem to wait for them to come in as a signal to come feed Shrug tone3‍♀️