Bird Box Question?

Hi all,

 First off, sorry for my absence, I haven't been on for quite a few months! :-)


Anyway, As you may remember, I have a Nestbox cam, and as you may also remember, the blue tit rooster who I had for 2 weeks who vanished. Well.......

I was thinking: Could the blue tits still nest even though the box still has poo in it, not loads, but about 10 - 11.?



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  • Hi Coal Welcome back
    I always clean mine out before the next season. Just gets rid of any parasites that may be lurking

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  • In reply to JudiM:

    It is possible they would simply build a nest on top of any mess at the bottom. However, September/October is the best time to do any clearing out of nesting boxes, as JudiM says, it does help to reduce the risk of any parasites lingering in the box. If you do get the opportunity to give the box a quick clean, all you need to do is to clean out the mess, rinse, air dry and put back up in time for the roosting bird's return.

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  • I've been waiting to clean my box and as October approaches, I need to confirm the above is still current advice.

    I have a blue tit (possibly one of this year's parents) or great tit roosting every night. The box has the old nesting material and now loads of poo! If I clean it, will my "rooster" disappear or be grateful to me?