House martin babies

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    Hi There

    I've had the same problem. Came home on Friday night to find 7 dead babies. It is definitely the house sparrow, spent most of Saturday watching him and the house martins movements. I do believe they are aware of him and his intentions as one adult is remaining in the nest whilst the other goes out. No more bodies at this time, but I know its early days. This is the first time this has happened in the 5 years I've been here. They are about 7 successful nests and I do believe the house sparrow is using the nest he sabotaged. Unfortunately, the roof is too high for me to put pieces of string in front of the nests as suggested, so just need to keep fingers crossed that this is just a one off. Hope you get your problem resolved happily xx
  • Well, I had hoped that I would have happier news to pass on.  The HM families laid more eggs and I thought one had relocated to the other side of the house, as a new nest was built.   In the old nests, one adult stayed in the nest all the time guarding a new clutch of eggs.  There was lots of activity, noise and droppings so I was feeling really upbeat.  However, going to answer the door today (the children next door wanted to show me 2 fledgling HM babies they rescued yesterday) I discovered the nests had fallen down.  2 more featherless babies have perished but there was a wet, stunned bird by the fence, that I thought was an adult.

    Anyway, long story short, I took all 3 birds to a bird man and he will nurse them all and release when they are able to survive.  The adult is infact a fledgling, so must  have been the sole survivor from the first clutch of eggs.

    I hope the new nest on the other side of the house has better luck. 

    Thank you to all who replied 

  • Thanks for the update. Hopefully no foul play involved at the front of the house.
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    No foul play. The nest is high up on the side of the house. It's been in use for about 10 years and has been extended. I had an update from the birdman and all 3 fledglings are doing well, so hopeful that they will be released successfully