Mature looking baby blackbird not flying

Hi can anyone advise.

Cat brought a  blackbird to the doorstep yesterday.  I. thought it was a thrush at first.  The bird seemed to be in perfect condition.  Was on its back though and chirping like a chick.  It seems like a very mature chick with long tail feathers.  I picked it up and put it down on the grass and it didn't seem to be stable, falling forwards.  I left it under a hedge and kept cats in.  It was shortly hopping around in the leaves and flower beds under the vegetation and seemed very strong.  The parent birds have been visiting it regularly over yesterday and today and It still looks very strong.  

My thoughts are that it seems so fully feathered and getting on for adult size that it should be flying.  The adult birds only feed them I guess if they are fledglings so maybe its just a large chick that should start flying soon?  As I said above, when I picked the bird up after cats brought it to me, it looked in perfect condition.  The wings didn't  look at all damaged. 

I'm guessing adult birds can continue to feed fledgling for a couple of weeks so this bird should be getting somewhere close to flying soon hopefully.  If I need any advice please reply.


  • Hi Blackbird.
    You have done the right thing so I can't give you any advice other than keep an eye on your Cats for a few days, young Blackbirds can't fly for a few days after leaving the nest.

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  • Blackbirds will be able to fly before they have full length tail feathers. Was it being fed?
  • Yes it's being fed by both parents but I was surprised that for a chick that looked so advanced it isn't flying. Its mainly hiding in the hedges but was seen this morning out on the lawn with both parents who are out there most of the day. I didn't see the chick before it was caught by cat so don't know if it was flying prior to that. Am keeping cats in for a few days.