What time(s) do you see birds in your garden?

  • In reply to Paul E:

    I watch while eating breakfast (8ish) and see the regulars(sparrows, chaffinch, robin, blackbird and assorted tits),, but less frequent visitors only arrive while my other half is watching!

  • In reply to Linda Riley:

    I have frequent visitors through out the day, but what we have noticed is that you can nearly set your watch by the longtailedtits, they arrive at 8.30ish, 10ish, 3 PM then 5 PM. when I say "ish" I'm describing give or take 15 minutes except for their last feed which is spot on  at 5PM ( now that its only dusk at that time,) when it was dark by 4 PM they would arrive at pretty much spot on 3PM.

    The blackbird is in the garden as a late feeder 4.30 ish then sits in the tree till its getting so dark I have to draw the blinds down, he has now started making lots of noise at this time, telling the other cock blackbird ( in the trees opposite where he's gonna lay his head I suspect. the two Robins are normally the last ones to leave the party too.

    These two cocks had a right old ding dong this morning, literally scrapped each other while descending from a roof top, they continued their spat all the way to the ground. they were tolerating each other in the bad weather but this last week they are getting more and more aggressive.