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Letter to the Future campaign

In a nutshell

The Letter to the Future urges politicians to consider the health of the planet, for the sake of future generations, when they are making decisions about where to invest money and where to make cuts.

It aims to get Governments to spend more money on saving wildlife and the environment


Topline goal

We need as many people as possible to sign the letter so that we can let the government know how important nature is to us all. 

We will achieve this by showing politicians that hundreds of thousands of people care about nature and want to see it protected not just for the short term, but for future generations.

We'll use signatures to ask politicians to do six things, which are at the heart of our conservation work:

  1. create a countryside fit for wildlife;

  2. safeguard our sealife;

  3. stop extinctions;

  4. save the rainforests;

  5. stop climate chaos; and

  6. inspire children through nature.

Near-term goals

  • 300,000 signatories by early spring 2010 — for immediate use in the Westminster general election run-up.

  • 500,000 signatories by spring 2011.


Why we care

For 120 years, we have given nature a voice, fighting injustices against wildlife with tenacity and passion. These are moments in our history which demonstrate again and again how people standing together can change the world.

Today, in signing the RSPB's Letter to the Future, we have the opportunity to help nature win its biggest ever battle.

Thanks for reading and please do feel free to discuss your thoughts about the letter in this thread! Do you have some inspiring thoughts/messages to contribute to the campaign? Please share your thoughts on why you would like to sign the letter..


  • Liz R said:

    Thanks to all who have signed the Letter - Please pass on the message and encourage as many friends/family/strangers to do the same

     i'm sure we've all got our own reasons for doing so - I've signed it to slow down the amount of habitat destruction and urban sprawl and  to protect what we've got before it's lost forever. Woodland near me is half the size it was just 10 years ago, that's half as much space for wildlife - i want to keep what's left! What are your reasons?



    I may not have said it but, its signed.

    I simply want governments to think! Think ahead for a change, surely the human race is 'grown up' enough now. Its time we stopped this silly game of chasing money. It always leads us right back to the same place!

    Planning is the only way forward. What kind of world do we want? Do we really want to forever live in a world where money is the currency of life, will the future notice that money is a tool of life not its meaning, because I'm sure we, the current time, won't. Its long over due, that we as a race put life first!

    I think that can only really start with cherishing the human brain. Every new brain born has something to say and may have the answer to all! All brains no matter where from or how much money they have! Then and only then will we all learn to care for all life.

    Yes I would like to save each little part of the natural world. But, if we don't respect human life first, we deserve the future we get!

    Stepping off my box, John :-)

    Thats right a smile caring need not be a sad thing!!

    For viewing or photography right place right time is everything. I'd rather be in the right place with poor kit than have the best kit and be in the wrong place.

  • I've already signed the letter and had absolutely no hesitation in signing it.  I really hope it achieved its aims.



    Warning!  This post contains atrocious spelling, and terrible grammar.  Approach with extreme edginess.

  • Oops! meant to say: I really hope it achieves its aims.

    Warning!  This post contains atrocious spelling, and terrible grammar.  Approach with extreme edginess.

  • Thanks again to all that have signed the Letter to the Future - we all know what we hope to achieve from the letter but it means different things to different people. Everyone has their own personal reasons......

    What's yours?

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  • As the risk of sounding childlike, here’s my penny’s worth:

    I want the trees and forests that we enjoy now to be there long after I’ve gone.  New forests created.  Plant life is protected, nurtured and encouraged to grow elsewhere, perhaps even new varieties of plant life emerge and NOT in arboretums or botanical gardens.  

    I want all animals throughout the world to remain in our future.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if new species were found?  I’m sure there must be some out there that haven’t been discovered purely because their existence is a little corner of the planet forced there as a result of the constant deforestation and destruction of natural habitats.

    Rather than going to the zoo for a day out, I don’t want to “have” to visit zoos, museums and wildlife parks because that’s the only way I will ever see the wildlife that once roamed our planet or god forbid to see stuffed exhibits of those that never made it.  Or watch re-runs of wildlife documentaries of the animals that we have lost.

    I want the air that I breathe to be clean and pure, I don’t want to have to climb the highest mountain just so that I can inhale fresh air (but the way that’s going it still won’t be high enough!).

    I want the seas to remain where they are.  I want the shores I walk on to be the same shores I walk on in years to come.  

    Riverbeds altered by the course of over development to run again.

    I want the water I drink to be free of pollutants and chemicals.

    I want famine and disease to end.

    I want the arable land to return instead of the deserts or fields of dried up dead soil where once pastures and meadows were once in beautiful splendour.

     I basically want the future of our planet to have just that “a future” and a fantastic one at that.

    Sorry it’s not very illuminating or earth shattering (oops! shouldn’t say that - that’s the last thing we need!) but that’s how I feel.   

    And after all that, to make my diatribe even worse, I can't join The Wave on 5th December as I am going Christmas shopping!!!

  • Hello.

    Brilliantly put Kezmo.  You've put into words what a lot of people are feeling.  I myself would love to see a future where we didn't have to go away on daytrips or holidays to get a decent breath of fresh air, all we'd have to do was step out of our front door, no matter where we lived in the world.  I'd love a future where children can laugh at adult's stories about how species that are abundant were once considered endangered.  I want a future where caring for the planet is something that is second nature to everyone.

    I don't know if that's too much to ask for and to be honest I really don't think so.  I'm not a great wordsmith so I can only put this very simply; we are very lucky to live on a beautiful planet, with stunning landscapes and phenominal wildlife.  Sadly we're see more and more of that beauty dissapear every day.  Species are becoming extinc before they've even been fully discovered.  Of course we've made improvements, such as the re-introductions of white-tailed eagles.  It's great that a lot more people are concerned for the planet than 20 years ago.  However it sickens me that companies can pollute the earth just because the care more about making a profit than the earth which gives us life.

    Here's to a future where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the natural environment and we don't have to travel miles to find it.  Here's to a future of brilliant fresh air, abundant wildlife, happy people, and stunning natural landscapes.

    Sorry about the rant but I can't appologise for caring for the planet.



    Warning!  This post contains atrocious spelling, and terrible grammar.  Approach with extreme edginess.

  • Hi Paul

    From one ranter to another!  brilliantly put to you too!

  • Rant away! Very well put and heartfelt too........keep it up!

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