Ducks nest with eggs in garden

We currently have a ducks nest in our garden that the mummy duck has been coming and going from for a while, however she has not returned to the nest for the past 3 days and there are about 6 eggs (one seems to have fallen out) in the nest. Is this ok?  Is there anything we can do? Or should we leave them as they are and hope for the best?

  • Nothing can be done. It is technically, even if no longer the case, an active nest. Doesn't sound good though.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Oh no :( The ducks are still around as we have seen them sitting together on the front lawn. Just haven’t seen mummy duck go back to her eggs for a few days :( I was so excited to see/hear some little ducklings running/cheeping about! Thank you for your response though.
  • It seems as though the ducks just did not fancy parenthood, this often happens with waterfowl so it is surprising there is so many ducks in the countryside.


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