Juvenile goldfinch unable to fly


there is a juvenile goldfinch in my garden that’s been hopping around all day & looks unable to fly. Now, I know the advice on leaving fledglings alone but I’m not sure whether it’s a fledgling or injured? If this happened a month or 2 ago I would have assumed fledgling but is it normal for goldfinches to breed now? Also, I’m no expert so don’t know the difference between a baby & a fledged juvenile to make a judgement. 

any advice please? 

  • If it’s a juvenile goldfinch it will show much less colouring than the adult and would not have the classic red cap on the head. Juveniles usually have nothing or a small amount of red. My understanding is that this could be a fledgling as part of a late brood. Unless it’s in immediate danger it’s suggested to leave young birds be as they often spend 2-3 days on the ground prior to being able to fly. Does it look injured or does it seem to just be wandering around and not yet trying to fly?