Chris Packham's new petition on driven grouse shooting

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    Nigel O said:
    Interesting that Derbyshire Dales and the High Peak have the highest ratio of signatures in England so far. If they don't actually have Grouse Moors they are similar habitats.

    I've seen distribution maps of birds of prey for the peak district Nigel and there is a black hole over what is called the dark peaks which is completely devoid of any Goshawks and Peregrines where they should be some, that is what initially got me interested in the Peregrines in Sheffield.

    These petitions wont change this governments mind but keeping the news stories alive and every Hen Harrier that goes missing is another nail in the DGS coffin.

    Botham's son went bankrupt last week owing money on shoots he runs and hopefully stories like this will make people demand that they stop giving the landowners £10 million in subsidies.

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  • I think I expected more interest from outside the moors, but it seems in some places even the locals think the bad publicity outweighs any supposed financial benefit from "shooting tourism" which is positive.


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    Dave - CH said:
    'This was a great point, to my mind, as---while the story is complex---anyone arguing that we should be operating, say, a slave trade because the revenue stream is good is destined to (eventually) fail.'

    Just wondering--how long did it take to outlaw slavery? Hope it does not take that long because I worry there will not be many or any birds of prey left by then!

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  • Clare and I have both signed.

    "Birds are, quite simply, little miracles - and as such they require care and consideration."

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    It took a long time Ann; even longer, I imagine, if one were a slave. Still... have to keep trying.
  • Currently at around (only) 68,000. For reference, I got a confirmation e-mail that I needed to respond to in order to have my 'signature' count. That ended up in SPAM. Just responded now. Hope that didn't happen to (m)any of the other signatories.
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  • Thanks, Dave, The e-mail with the 'click here to confirm' bit came straight to my inbox, no problems.

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