Baddesley Clinton 26 Jan 2024

This was a long overdue visit to Baddesley, mainly to capture the snowdrop progress, and  an excuse to get out. I'm still in recovery mode from the alternative Xmas/New Year events and holding the camera steady is proving interesting. I should have taken and used my tripod with remote shutter release.

The good news, I’m slowly back to normal, whatever normal is….  Thinking , with a few backward days

Starting with the full moon of the morning….

Followed by a nice sunrise

Star 6 filter used



Even the crocuses were starting to show!

Baddesley Clinton, a medieval moated manor house, complete with priest holes, where Jesuit priests would hide during the persecution years. National Trust owned, it is now home to lots of wildlife and fauna, often providing good photo oportiunities.

And it’s that time of year, Hazel Catkins looking splendid.

A walk down to and around the main pool, where lots of mallards, moorhens and of course, Canada Geese were present. Not just the waterfowl, but also a robin picking away on the path and then the nuthatches muscled in,

Much to this robin’s bemusement!

Heading back towards the house, the small but perfectly formed meadow, was populated by jackdaws. Baddesley has quite a healthy population of jackdaws.

Eh, ya gonna drop some food?

Finally, but definitely not least, a dunnock concentrating on something in the grass….

That's all for now, the Brandon posting will save for another day.