White-bellied Sea Eagles, Sydney, NSW

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    webinars from the International Crane Foundation

    I don't think I'd take to webinars - I've had a look for a live cam but not found one.

    I did love the "guided crane migration" a few years ago  

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    Scylla, The International Crane Foundation is involved in Crane conservation all over the world, wherever there are Cranes, most species of which are seriously endangered. They have all of the Crane species at their main site in Wisconsin, USA, and they are breeding some there and re-introducing them back into the wild. The USA has two Cranes--the most endangered Crane, the Whooping Crane, and the least endangered Crane, the Sandhill Cranes, and there are both the Greater and the Lesser Sandhill Cranes. The ICF was doing a major renovation over about a year and a half and they were just about to have their grand re-opening in April last year when the virus turned up and everything had to shut down. They have hopes of re-opening next year. We did visit the place many years ago with a friend and it was wonderful then. We have only had time to watch a few of the webinars so far, but the past talks are still available to see. It is just like watching a lecture, although there was the facility on the day for people to type their questions in a chat box. The one we particularly enjoyed was the talk given by one of the co-founders of the International Crane Foundation and if you'd like to try one, I would suggest that one. We met the man at Birdfair several years ago and have chatted with him at subsequent Birdfairs since. This year they had talks online and he gave a version of this talk there as well. He discusses his time with a female Crane many years ago. It is a charming tale and he is a lovely person. Here's the link:  Decades of Discovery:  Dancing with Whooping Cranes -  www.youtube.com/watch

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    09 November - SE-26 pays a visit!

    Courtesy of Lady Hawk, who has obviously recorded from rollback - I'm too late to do it myself and get the arrival.

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