White-bellied Sea Eagles, Sydney, NSW

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    Thanks, Scylla, You're all heart!

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    16 October

    I've only noticed going thru today's recording of the main nestcam, which I hadn't done before, that SE-26 seems to have an injured foot.  Delving into the hidden portion of EagleCAM's Facebook post on 30 September, I found this:

    While acknowledging that SE26 has a definite mobility issue, we are heartened to see both eaglets feeding well, developing their wings and self-feeding. SE26 has adapted his/her mobility somewhat and is able to stand on the left leg for short periods. For a bird this takes time. This has only been a recent development.
    We are monitoring the situation closely and have taken advice from veterinarians with expertise in treating raptors. However diagnosis is not definite without actual physical examination.
    When SE25 fledges, we shall discuss with NPWS the possibility for intervention for SE26, if required.
    The also give a Dropbox link for more pictures/videos - mysteriously they're sorted by name rather than by date so they're in random order.
    In the meantime, SE-26 continues to withstand the attentions of the harassing Magpies and let off steam after this 'attack':