Cornish Barn Owls 2018 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

Happy New Year everyone!

Great start with lovely captures of our pair ... but mighty strange about that 'third' one ... maybe a late 'first footer'  Lol!

Good to have some colour Scylla, hope you are continuing to improve!

Gales seem to be a bit of a fixture just lately, another blow overnight promised here, stay safe all!


 2013 photos & vids here

eff37 on Flickr

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    Good Morning and Happy  New Year to you all

    Here in Westcountry we are being battered with Wind and Rain and no let up for rest of week Gtt!! Intermittent Thunder and Lightning Grr!

    Did not do a Posh link Wendy  as that is a tiny one and clicking comes straightover , good  to see you updated all threads Thank you xx

    Now our Dear Barnies , one hiding ( I wonder why?)


    On the Tray ( the light catching something on foot, but turned before I could check further) and Cam still freezing Grr!



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    Morning all :)

    Thank you for the new thread, Wendy x

    8:45 Both resting in the box

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

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    Morning Sandra

    A few mins later something startled them and they both flew out of Box, and assume one went in search of intruder ? both now back on Tray.


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    I heard some clattering in the barn beforehand, as if ladders were being moved, but the pic had frozen. :(  Nothing appears to have altered in the barn.

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    Oooh, strange frozen/interference pic as they scrambled back into the box at 9:05. No evidence of a 3rd owl anywhere. I think there is some sort of machinery working outside the barn.

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

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    Oooh! that was strange, wonder if there were three.

    14;48 One in one out  CHOL:):)


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    Thanks for the new thread, Wendy, and thanks to All for the pics and posts.  Happy New Year, Everyone!

    Kind regards, 


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    Only one in Barn but plenty of flippin whirly wheels Grr!!!

    Twosome at back 19;40


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    21:00 EN/EB

    21:48 One on the back beam and appears to be eating. The cam is still freezing so the LS is a bit jumpy

    21:56 On refresh, it had disappeared

    21:58 One to the left of the box

    22:18 Gone again

    23:50 EN/EB. I've had to continually refresh the LS of both the barncam and nestcam. Goodnight

    Copyright BOT/WLTV