feeding swans

I regularly see a pair of swans on my local canal, who seem quite used to humans. They seem to be travelling further along the canal in winter than they did in summer, I guess that food is scarcer. Can I help them by feeding them something? They don't seem interested in the sunflower seeds that I have for the garden birds but do seem interested in lunging at my hands! I was thinking that they might like some grass clippings from the lawn. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • You can get something called 'Floating Swan and Duck Food'. It looks like little biscuits. As the name suggests, it won't sink to the bottom and clog up the ecosystem.

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  • Hello whatnots,   if you want to feed the swans there is suitable food available to buy for them such as THIS BRAND which will also float on top of the water for a while giving the swans time to eat it before it sinks to the bottom of the water.     I would definitely avoid foods like bread;   this added link may give you a few more ideas even though it is from an Australian website !      Happy swan watching  !

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  • Thank you for all the links. It's certainly interesting to observe their behaviour especially in recent flooding.