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    Looking forward to Autumnwatch this evening, really want to see what "The General" will get up to in the rut! Hopefully everyone else is looking forward to it!

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    With the weather been more settled and sunny the reedbeds and the open water where much more active with Birdlife and other wild animals than on Tuesday. Also as mentioned on screen on the webcam behind the red button on the TV, I am a bit concerned about the Otter that seemed to be limping today.



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    That General is one tough cookie!

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    Ooooh Ian, that Otter is not in a good way is it....poor thing!

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    Evening everyone, can’t believe it’s Friday already and the last Autumn Watch of the year!

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    What a brilliant programme, I especially enjoyed the films about the bats and Brent Geese.  It’s been a great week with so much happening, what where your highlights?  

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    Toss up between the Hobbies and the Brent but it was all worth watching and even the presenters seemed less silly the previously.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can