New Forest Hobby Nest 2014

Have just managed to log on to Carnyx live webcam from this nest! (there have been streaming issues for a while)

You may already know that the one & only chick was predated by a Goshawk a couple of weeks ago & was traumatically witnessed by Sue C to her absolute horror!  There is footage of this event on New Forest Gateway website but I have not looked as I would rather not see it!

I have never seen a Hobby this close before & think it is a most handsome BoP, even quite pretty ... grabbed a couple of screenshots just now, do not know who's on the nest but it looks to be in incubating pose - is this possible?

I shall follow this pair & try to glean as much info as I can!

Copywright:  Carnyx

Edit:  Have just found out from posts on NFG forum that there was a second egg & this is what is being incubated ... alas, it will not hatch now!  This is the only brood for this year - just have to wait & see how long before egg is discarded!


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