TV fanatics feline

I am not sure BBC Natural History Bristol invented Springwatch for the benefit of cats but firstly Bird watching waders is good from a comfortable lap, then after Michaela explaining as he likes people, the hedgehogs were great as they are familiar from night time wandering around the garden, insects well they are normal and one can sleep, but somebody had the cheek to put the arch enemy on TV without a lead which is usual cat fodder during barking baiting and defiance, foxes ! and he became more and more slunk down and fierce staring at the TV so I feared for its safety, head out eyes riveted, the more lively the better, fortunately that episode ended. Young hedgehogs are evidently the best, but so are Korean fighter planes and those have to be followed and the screen nosed to find out why it goes up and over, like Eddie in Rugby, he has a keen sense of helicopters, sunlit jets and night time red lights on Lulsgate circuits from the front window. My suggestion is Television moves toward the armour plated screen and weighted base now that cats have TV. People avoid our front path garden zone, cross the road, use the other route when exercising on a lead, as the cat has become renowned, but he has no idea on bird catching, not even sneaking behind bushes, to date total tally one mouse first evening outside, which left for home and never returned when dropped. Mike