PS Elements - Tips and Tricks - Selective Colouring.

I had a request from a member on how to blur the background in PS Elements.

The best way is to use a layer mask which they did not include in PS Elements but not to worry there is a way to create your own layer mask. I am going to use selective colouring demo as this as it shows a layer mask off well but can be used on any other filter or change you want to make.

What is a layer mask ?

When we have two layers in this case the bottom one colour and the top layer has been converted to black and white. The layer mask will allow us to remove parts that we want from the top layer so we can see the coloured layer below.

1.Open your picture in PS Elements and on the main menu bar "Layer/duplicate layer" then "OK".

Note: -  A quick way is to press "Ctrl+j" Keys together.

2. Now we will convert to black and white. On the main menu bar "Enhance/Covert to Black and White" then click "OK".

3.This is now how we create our own layer mask in PS Element.

Click on the bottom layer "Background" then on the main menu bar select "Layer/New Fill Layer/Solid Colour".

 4. This will bring up a box and just click "OK".

5. This will the show a colour seclection chart. Click on black in the botton left corner and the "OK".

6. Now click on the top layer "Background copy" and press "Ctrl+g" keys together.

7. Now select a brush with colour set to black and click on the white square on the colour fill layer. You can now paint over the parts of the picture you want in colour.

End result: -


Thats how we create a layer mask in PS Elements.

I have shown each step as this will be needed in the background blur for elements demo to follow.

Any problems let me know and go on give it a try.....