Wildlife of Spain and Africa

obviously as most people here know im in the uk but what not everyone knows is that I have been looking into where in Spain and Africa I can find Wildlife emdemic to Spain and AfricaIm having alot of difuculty decideing. iv been at it for 2 weeks now. iv allways wanted to go to Africa so im thinking of finding emdemics in North Africa and possibly visiting the canary islands but at the same time to get abit of both but at the same time I could just go to the canary islands directly for my holiday but if i only go there I womt see any endemics from Africa aswell and i havnt ever wildlife watched in Spain or Africa or been to the canary islands or North Africa before if anyone has beem on holiday to the canarys or Africa or would be able to help me fimd endemic species on both islands to help me 

decide based on what endemics enhabit the islands please let me know, Iv got until next week