Wildlife of Spain and Africa

obviously as most people here know im in the uk but what not everyone knows is that I have been looking into where in Spain and Africa I can find Wildlife emdemic to Spain and AfricaIm having alot of difuculty decideing. iv been at it for 2 weeks now. iv allways wanted to go to Africa so im thinking of finding emdemics in North Africa and possibly visiting the canary islands but at the same time to get abit of both but at the same time I could just go to the canary islands directly for my holiday but if i only go there I womt see any endemics from Africa aswell and i havnt ever wildlife watched in Spain or Africa or been to the canary islands or North Africa before if anyone has beem on holiday to the canarys or Africa or would be able to help me fimd endemic species on both islands to help me 

decide based on what endemics enhabit the islands please let me know, Iv got until next week 

  • Hi-

    Donana has been drier lately due to over draining by farmers-

    Canaries is IMHO not that exciting once you've trqcked down the endemics which takes time / travel/ ferries/ good gen

  • Bobs_Retired said:
    I would have thought hat somewhere like Donana reserve in Mainland Spain would provide lots of variety of wildlife at this rime of year. Not sure about the need to go specifically for endemics but there should be lots of wildlife that you would not normally see in the UK. Personally I found the Canaries to be pretty boring all round.

    one of the reasons you found it to be boring all round could partly be cause they have less diversity and more endemics. rather than Mainland Spain im thinking of going to the Spanish islands, canary islands, Balearics erc but thanks for mentioning it.  if you and seymour find the canarian islamds to be boring overal then have you ever been to the belearic islands by any chance? 

  • seymouraves said:

    Donana has been drier lately due to over draining by farmers-

    Canaries is IMHO not that exciting once you've trqcked down the endemics which takes time / travel/ ferries/ good gen


    doesnt soumd like it would be a good idea to go if I were to go to mainland spain anyway. the canary islands the island not being exiting after you habe tracked down the endemics could be due to the fact they dont have much diversity possibly do you have any input on the belearic islands by any chance?  just so that I have anothet alternative should I decide not to go to the canarys. obviously others may have different feedback others may not but its good to have another option 

  • just so that people are aware im unlikely to be visiting Africa now since north Africa was close and has endemics and interesting wildlife aswell as spain but Africa armt lgbtq friendlty or transgender friendly. south Africa is lgbtq friemdly but not transgemder wise either.  they have different rules regarding it  to the uk and Spain.  if it wasnt for that it would still of been an option alongside the spanish islands. im  currently looking for an island in place of Africa but im still thinking about spain either the Canarys or the belaric islands. judgeimg of feedback iv had of the canarys so far it would be interesting if anyone has any feedback Wildlife wise on the belaric islands- ones just off continental spain - Menorca or any other spanish islamds there aswell. im still open to feedback to that aswell as the canarys 

  • therfore I will be changeing the title once I have made a decition. i need to if made a dection by Tomaorw
  • no one has said weather they have any feedback on the belaric islands aswell but  I have been waiting just in case but so far it apears no one has visited the beltics for Wildlife watching or any other countrys that has seen this post so far other than the cnarys or the  continent area 

  • any feedback on any of the spamish islands weather canary or beltics i dont mind but at the moment im looking at the beltics aswell as the canarys.  so any of of the Beltics or any other countrys, feedback on your exsperiances there, information,  or sugestions will be apreciated as it will help so if you have any feell free to let me know 

  • There is a war going on in Russia, Ukraine, Israil or iran and a few countrys near them are afected by the war so I wont be going there. I dont want to know about any Wildlife afected by it since it could well be alot. Azores are ok but abit iffy and its not the climate im looking for.

    Africa has some tensions with the US in the north in most places. the south of it is LGBTQ friendly in the context of gay marrage cause they have recently legalised it but not so much trans wise. Florida and texas arnt good cause they have recently put out out laws against lgbtq and particularly transgender people. most of europe is ok though Spain, France, Germany, Greece, and Cyprus.

    so as a Wildlife watcher that is LGBTQ those would be the best places. the endemic countries are canary islands, some of the beltics and Cyprus. 

  • I have chosen the Greek islands but they get Wildlife from Asia, Africa aswell so this doesnt mean I wont see any Wildlife from Africa. but I will be seeing Wildlife unique to The Greek island that I have decided