The Wildlife trip to the Cemetery 28th November

I went to see my family today I domt mormaly see my family on a Tuesday but this was the only day Mum could see me I had to get up ready early this time and I only just got ready on time i forgot everything else includeing my drawing that i normaly take and only took my birdwatching stuff like binoculars, Camara, i was in a rush.

after she picked me up we got to the house soon We left to go to the Cemetry when I went to the Cemetry I didnt see much fungi this time. alot of the ones I saw and where I saw them had gone. but I saw one or two. interestingly the predominent species this time was gulls and crows I didnt manage to catch the crows but I got a photo of the gulls though 


(Caloplaca) family. Crustose Lichen- Rock dwelling. 

species: either Caloplaca flavescens or Caloplaca Aurantia 


i dont usualy see dead animals  there but today I saw a dead rat on the grass weather it was a preditor or something else I dont know but it looked like something had a go. i dont know weather this could be one of the reasons there is alot more scavengers as in gulls and crows than normal today but there definitely was alot. 

next after that  I saw the king of the commonwealth cemetery being vocal and  adressing everyone from the cross 


then i heard a Robin and it was time to go. later I wemt to the park with Mum and the other dogs 

Oak  leaf with a rain drop on it 


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  • thanks. luckily cause I had to see my family yesterday I didnt have to put up with all  the spam going on. I noticed there was alot of spam when I got back but I wasnt going to let a spammer stop me shareing my trip  so I decided to post anyway. i was aware it could get bumped down when the spam starts off again. but i thiught id wait until it pauses.  i noticed the spammer stopped late in the evening  

    but i checked an hour later just in case and there had been no more spamming from the spammer since then. so I went to bump it up. there was no point bumping it up while its still going on. i knew there was a possibility it could start up again later on so would need to bump it up again in the morning and that was the case cause it was lost on more than 3 pages cause there was so much spam but i clicked on a  like notification from this post to get to the post and bump it up again cause it would of took me hours to find the post through all the spam on every page 

  • iv bookmarked the forum so that i dont have to click on a notification jist to get to this page or scroll through pages to find it with all the spam that there was
  • Zo Clark said:
    iv bookmarked the forum so that i dont have to click on a notification jist to get to this page or scroll through pages to find it with all the spam that there was

    True, but I meant in terms of anyone else seeing it.

  • ok. yes well done to them aswell. exspecialy if they had to put up with all the spam most of the day yesterday aswell as this morning and persist with new posts then aswell as this morning. i only had to put up with it Monday and this morning I only had to persist for 2 and a quarter days so they had to persist for 3 days compared to me 

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  • Apart from picking up a phone, no one could help really. I know I didn’t!
  • none of us could stop the spam unless we phoned them but at least people did what we can to help until it was sorted. contributeing to the threads about the spam, reporting the spam then when that was no use  bumping up posts that were drowned by the spam. even though they wernt long term soloutions only short term ones  some of the community worked together to try and do what they can to deal with it it got bad enough the soloution turned out to be phoneing the RSPB so  2 others phoned the RSPB to get them to sort it out eventualy even though one  had to call the RSPB more than once. you could say you did help to a certain exstent even though you didnt phone them. 

    for me I would of helped out more if I was free and hadnt already had seeing my family and the Wildlife trip aranged but thats just the way it is  at least iv helped out abit  but  in the end you did help with the situation where you could just like me and the others  thats the main thing 

    also Iv got a notification from the RSPB on one of the threads sbout spam after noticeing the spam disapeared. Iv let Mike know on his thread. at least we know what to do if it happens again next time but hopefuly it wont do 

    although we were dealing with a spam issue in the community I still enjoyed my trip and I found it interesting there was less mushrooms and if anything some disapeared and more scavengers than usual there there isnt normaly as much as I saw that day