The Wildlife trip to the Cemetery 28th November

I went to see my family today I domt mormaly see my family on a Tuesday but this was the only day Mum could see me I had to get up ready early this time and I only just got ready on time i forgot everything else includeing my drawing that i normaly take and only took my birdwatching stuff like binoculars, Camara, i was in a rush.

after she picked me up we got to the house soon We left to go to the Cemetry when I went to the Cemetry I didnt see much fungi this time. alot of the ones I saw and where I saw them had gone. but I saw one or two. interestingly the predominent species this time was gulls and crows I didnt manage to catch the crows but I got a photo of the gulls though 


(Caloplaca) family. Crustose Lichen- Rock dwelling. 

species: either Caloplaca flavescens or Caloplaca Aurantia 


i dont usualy see dead animals  there but today I saw a dead rat on the grass weather it was a preditor or something else I dont know but it looked like something had a go. i dont know weather this could be one of the reasons there is alot more scavengers as in gulls and crows than normal today but there definitely was alot. 

next after that  I saw the king of the commonwealth cemetery being vocal and  adressing everyone from the cross 


then i heard a Robin and it was time to go. later I wemt to the park with Mum and the other dogs 

Oak  leaf with a rain drop on it 


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    cause of that in that sense you did sort of help even though you wernt the one to pick up the phone for  the RSPB and keep calling them. you didnt solve it as such but you did try to  help with dealing with the spam so you could say you did help in a way