my holiday in North Wales part 1

I let everyone know i was going to be away for the week in my invertrebetes in the garden this afternoon thread but i kept where im going a secret. i went to Flintstone, Trelogan, North Wales. i wemt to south Wales last time. the holiday after that I went to Dorset with my speacial needs support worker but usually i go on holiday with family instead so i went to wales again with my family  me and my family stayed in a cottage there was a field with lots of rabbet holes or dens and we could see the sea from our cottage

on the first day - Monday 23rd October. 

on Monday 23rd October we didnt do much, mainly just settled into the cottage but I went out and took pictures in the garden and the  field 

here you can see the sea behind the Ragwort

i saw some insects and invertrebetes 

I was out until the sun started going down. on Tuesday the next day we went to go to the garden centre but 

we had dogs with us and they only allowed guide dogs so we went to the Pet cafe and pet cemetery we looked for a quiet place to sit cause we havnt been there before and noisy or crowded places can cause  sensory overload cause of my autism but the cafe was ok cause we found a quiet table. I taught Mum and Dad things i knew about owls then we went outside and went for a walk around the cemetry and insaw lots of different types of flowers and took pictures of some of them 

i heard and saw a Robin 

then we went to the beach next the beach is called Barkby beach

I saw lots of wildlife here I didnt go in the sea cause we wernt going 

this time cause of the time of year but would of if i had the chance. Mum said we can go in next year though

we decided to go at low tide so that we can walk along the beach. i saw not just the abouve but also

after this it was time to go back to the cottage. at night when we took the dogs for a walk in the garden and Mum and dad had a torch when she shined it in the grass in the field and we saw 2 eyes aproaching us and then it circled us like a pack of wolfs and it came round and got quiet close then turned around and walked away and eventualy left we suspected it could possibly be a fox cause they do get them but strangely the dogs didnt

respond to it.  more to come in part 2