Camera bag issues

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    Arthur N said:

    Thought I'd post an update. Checked his bag, it does have a chest strap/buckle. I tested it out wearing his coat and lo and behold, it didn't slip in the slightest. Apparently he just hadn't looked for it. At least the problem's solved, though I've got to think of some other Christmas presents now.

    Brilliant news, glad you've managed to get it sorted.

    A new bag could be expensive, so its saved you a good few pennies.

    Just remember, when setting the bag up, start with the waist belt first, that carries the weight, then shoulder straps before tackling the very top shoulder straps if fitted.

    The chest strap is just to hold the shoulder straps comfortably rather than tightly.

    Dare I suggest pressies!

    Best not....


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