Fabulous Scotland

  • Some fabulous shots there, especially those of birds interacting. Thank you!
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    Thank you Catlady!

    Didn't quite make it as far north as Caithness.  We went up the east coast stopping off at St Andrew's and Stonehaven, venturing up as far as the RSPB reserve at Troup Head, near Fraserburgh (where the gannet photos were taken).  Then on to the Cairngorms (spotting crested tits), across to Mull (where we saw the golden and white-tailed eagles) and took a boat trip from there to Staffa and Lunga, where the puffins were and also on to Ulva, where I took the swallow photo while unsuccessfully staking out a white-tailed eagles nest!  We then headed back across to Loch Tay (part of the schedule as my brother had a place there but in the end he couldn't leave Sweden) - before finishing over on Arran.

    Amazingly (well contrary to our expectations of Scotland) we had good weather most of the time except at St Andrews (see the unexpected flying creature below), and no midges until the last 2 days, and then only near the summit of Goat Fell where they descended like a biblical plague.  Mind you I did find 10 ticks embedded in various parts of my anatomy after a walk at Loch Tay, despite long trousers tucked into boots!

    All in all a fantastic holiday, despite not seeing Caithness!

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    Black Guillemots - as is the last picture.
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    Thanks other Mike B. See my reply to Catlady for our itinerary!
  • A fabulous set of photos Mike with plenty of different species, thanks for sharing your trip with photos


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Thanks Mike, that was a grand trip about Scotland and to finish on Arran, Mr CL has relatives on the island and we have been going over for many years , camping in Lochranza and latterly self catering in Pirnmill (not this or last year), we love it. Never been up Goat Fell! Good you missed the dreaded midges until the end of the trip and hope you got all those ticks out! Is that you up in the sky?!

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  • Great pictures I love the Eagles, my favourite spot on Arran for Golden Eagles is the hillside opposite the distillery


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    Mike Barker said:
    Thanks other Mike B. See my reply to Catlady for our itinerary!

    I did thank you.

    I'm hoping to get back to Scotland next year, Covid (which is still lurking around hoping to make a swipe) permitting, we have a family friend a little further north near Aviemore.


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  • Amazing photos, would love to visit Scotland one day. Have never been and seeing photos like this just makes me want to go so much.

    Thank you Mike for sharing them with us.

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    Many a time I have looked out at that area Pete, when we have been on the campsite, but never seen it yet!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.