Carrion Crows - Eastbourne

Inspired by bird_games1's post in December of the corvids in Eastbourne, I thought I'd share a few screenshots from videos I've taken at Hampden Park feeding the crows.

I've only managed to get them to eat out of my hand on two occasions. They are hugely intelligent birds and I love them!

These were two fleeting moments that lasted all of about twenty seconds each. The first was the end of 2019 and the second was summer 2020.
Corvids are very intelligent and playful, and often we will throw food to them to catch and intercept. We have also set little challenges for them by hiding food and seeing them use sticks to try to reach the food.

My children think it's great as we walk around the pond because there are usually a load of crows, rooks and jackdaws that walk, hop and fly behind us waiting for food as we walk round. My children have called this 'the bird parade'!!!