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    Most of them, I think! It's finding the one that will pose that's the real challenge.


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  • Some cracking photos there Mike.


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    Nigel O said:
    Doing dragonflies in flight is no easy task, for sure, so you've done well. With some experience watching them you can learn which ones follow regular flight paths and when they do that and therefore increase the odds. Darters will move back and forth in a small area when egg-laying, so if you can find a pair doing that.... Some Hawkers will circle over and over, giving you repeated opportunities if you are lucky enough to find one doing that.

    I's not easy one little bit, with the way they dart around.

    Probably the best trick I've learned is to concentrate one that has rested for a moment, get the AF locked on, finger on the trigger and the moment it moves, click away.

    That's how I've got my better shots, the others, have been pure good fortune.


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