Ghost Image

I was processing a few shots tonight when I noticed a ghost image on the edges of them, especially in flight shots. I've been noticing this issue for a few weeks now but tonight it was really quite noticable with the shots I took today.

This image gives you an idea of what I've been seeing on the edges of my shots.

So I'm beginning to worry a now. Looking at the exif data it seems to be on the 135mm. Further checks show it also to be on the 400mm shots. By now I'm thinking theres a problem with my camera. I have an additional monitor set up in another small room (long story) I switch on the 2nd monitor and duplicate the displays, no ghosting on the 2nd monitor.!!

OK, now I'm thinking theres a fault with my main monitor so I re-calibrate it, the ghosting is still there.

I'm beginning to think I'll need to order a new monitor, but before doing so a quick look online and I find an article where a guy had exactly the same fault. He replaced his monitor cable and the issue was sorted. I go under the PC desk and remove and re-fit the monitor cable. Ghosting is now gone.

Just thought this information may come in handy for anyone else with a similar issue. I went from thinking lens fault, camera fault, monitor fault, to sorted with a quick re-secure of the cable.

Panic over.!!  :-)

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  • Strange goings on with ghosts in the machines - especially on clock change day, when all of mine seem to be 1 hour 41 minutes early :-)


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  • Thanks for the quick fix tip, Paul. It sorted the problem immediately.There was I thinking I needed new glasses. 



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  • Thankheavens you posted that on 31 March and not 1 April :). That said I am glad you got your issue sorted before you sent all your camera equipment off for checking .




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  • LOL Paul, when I first read the Ghost Image without seeing who posted it I thought it was more SPAM ! Then thought it was April Fool before I noticed it was posted last night ................. however, pleased that you got the problem sorted without the expense of camera/lens repair, new monitor or the men in white coats calling for you lol We had problem recently with TV/Magic Eye/Signal until I thought to unplug everything and do a reset on the remote controller - ta dah !! Why does panic set in first before we think things through ? thank goodness for Google too lol


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • I've had a fair few computer glitches but never seen anything like that. Maybe it was a ghost … fiddling with the cables :)


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  • I hadn’t considered about April 1st so it’s just as well I posted the night before, it does seem rather strange and unlikely.
    The ghosting has been happening on and off for a few weeks but last night it was even there on the text within posts. I must admit I did feel a bit anxious when I really noticed it on my photos, I was tilting my head and bobbing up and down in front of the screen, not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was very relieved when I eliminated the possibility of my camera equipment being faulty, monitors are expensive but generally not to the same level as photographic gear.!!
    A bad connection of the monitor cable was the best case scenario, so I’m very happy that the worst thing to happen was to have me rummaging about under my PC desk with a torch.
    I also found a boiled sweetie, so it was a win win scenario.!! ;-)

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  • Quote Paul " also found a boiled sweetie, so it was a win win scenario.!! ;-)"

    You should be so lucky, I only find dust & dead spiders! LOL

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • I was sure it was a wind up hence my flippant comments. No ghosts in my computers but it does spook me sometimes.



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