Canon 300mm f2.8 (test photos)

I guess the weather couldn't have given my new lens a better test as it was grey, drizzle on occasion and cloudy all day with low light  !!       I decided during the dry spell to grab a chair and sit with my camera by the far corner stumpery.      I deliberately chose a dull day to see what the f2.8 could do with it and selected the full frame 5Dmkiii.      I did not use any extenders on this test,  it was purely the 300mm reach although the garden birds are used to me so came within 3 metres or so. 

Well here goes with the first try out;   the one thing I was totally impressed with was the amount of light the f2.8 gives on a day when I could not have used the 100-400 mm without increasing the ISO to 2000 +        The other aspect was when viewing the photos, I noticed the subject stood out very well giving a nice bokeh and the quality as you would expect from high end glass was impressive considering the days weather.

The Wren was the most obliging so I'll start with that ...............

This is full frame camera,    Canon gear:     (5Dmkiii)  and     EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM

this shot not cropped at all  

same photo cropped

and now the others which I have also cropped for better detail

All in all, although I'm still getting used to the lens, I was pleased with the first trial.     It did feel quite heavy when assembled on to the camera body but I should be able to manage (even with my wonky arms lol)  as long as I try use a monopod for longer sessions.       I haven't had time to test it with extenders or for other shots so still very much a work in progress   !!    


Regards, Hazel 

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  • Very beautiful pics of some of your regular visitors, Hazel.  They are all sweeties.  I look forward to more of your tests!

    Kind regards, 


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    Fabulous photos Hazy - I can never get my head round all the technical stuff!  Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!  I especially love the Wren photos - brilliant detail - and a gorgeous setting!

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    The photos look wonderfully sharp with very little evidence of noise, Hazel. I guess a full frame camera must help in this respect. What sort of ISO were you able to use?

    I love the fungus sprouting from the stumpery logs as they decay. It really adds a bit of extra interest to the birds.



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    I suspected you wouldn't wait too long before trying it.

    Looks like you have every right to be pleased with those shots as evidence.


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    Very nice, I'm quite jealous. I'm guessing that these were shot at f2.8 judging by the depth of field, but it certainly makes the subject pop out and then combined with the lack of noise from the full frame - drool!!




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    Oh yes, gotta be lovin' that 2.8 :-)


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    Many thanks folks, your comments are very encouraging !    

    Whistling Joe said:

    Oh yes, gotta be lovin' that 2.8 :-)

        lol WJ,  I've got to say from the first moment I had it attached to the camera and looked down the eyepiece I had a big smile on my face and when I heard the fast AF lock on instantly and the amount of light it offered.        The only worry is the weight as I already feel the effects of hand holding it today for a couple of hours although the monopod will help enormously once I get it.      I won't be able to use it every day (physically it would take too much toll even with a monopod) but I absolutely love it :)      It isn't till you get that specially manufactured piece of precision glass and put it to the test that you realise why they are so expensive !    I would almost say worth every penny ......................but still feel optics are incredibly overpriced  lol

    @   Tony,     as Bob says, it was set at f2.8  with an ISO on these photos set mainly at 500 but a couple at 640 and 800.        Really pleased with its performance and still smiling apart from elbow ache  lol   

    btw,  you folks never told me that putting the lens coat on that it would be so fiddly and time consuming   lol      I nearly made it go outside in the nude   !!   


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    No wonder you are grinning Hazy, fabulous detail, gorgeous shots.  

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks Gaynor, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this lens, especially when the daylight is challenging !  Hopefully, once my arms have had a rest I'll do some more practice with it.   I wish I had strong arms and muscles like a bloke  lol


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    A lovely first set of shots with the new lens Hazel. The quality is superb although the photographer has a lot to do with it as well; you still need to set everything up correctly to get good results. I think it may become apparent as you get used to the lens that although the wide aperture is fantastic for getting shots in low light, (and for getting shutter speeds up and ISO speeds down) sometimes it can work against you for close up subjects. I’ve found that sometimes I’ll take a few shots and find that although the eye is sharp, the bill or the rear of the bird can be out of focus due to the very narrow depth of field you can get at f/2.8. I think you’re going to have a fantastic time with the lens and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results as they come in. :-)

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