Advice needed on 1st DSLR Camera needed please.

Hi Folks

As most of you know I have been on the forum for a good while now and have always made do with a Bridge Digital Camera, my current camera is a Canon SX30 IS which has been fine but is not good for action shots and will not take multishots per second.

I am looking at going for my 1st DSLR but will be starting off at the cheaper end of the market until I hopefully improve enough to move up the market later on.

I have my eye on 1 of 4 cameras all under £400 and I wondered if any of you nice people have tried any of them and can give advice or have a better recommendation.

1. Canon EOS 1200D DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm Lens.

2. Canon EOS 100D 18MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

3. Canon EOS 100D 18MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mm & 75-300mm lens

4. Sony SLTA58K 20.1MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens - Black.

These 4 cameras I looked up on Argos purely for ideas I am prepared to shop around for better deals for the right camera, that will offer multishots as well as being a good al round camera. I know I have the Canon EOS 100D twice but the second one had an extra lens for better zooming.

I am open still for Bridge Camera offers but I feel the DSLR should take better photos once I get usedd to it?

Thanks in advance for any advice given as it will be gratefully received.

Regards Shane


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  • Shane I would help if I could but I only use a bridge camera too, so will bump this up for someone else to help you.

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks  gaynorsl much appreciated.

    Regards Shane


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    Ahhhh, the slippery slope of a DSLR :-)  Ultimately, when you buy a DSLR, you're not just buying a camera, you're buying into a camera system, with various lenses, flashguns and all the extra bits you can acquire, so it's worth taking a little bit of time to get it right.  In reality, the camera body itself is an accessory to the lens as you're far more likely to upgrade a body over time whilst a good lens will last years, but "good" lenses for birdwatching all cost a fair bit of dosh so I don't blame you for starting sensibly!

    I don't know a great deal about the Sony, but Canon stuff I'm familiar with, though I've only handled (rather than shot) the two you mention.  The 100D is an interesting camera in that it's really small - which is great for walking around with but may be too small for you if you have large hands.  We looked at this body a while back when Mrs WJ wanted a lightweight, small camera to add to our kit, but we ended up going for a 700D as that gave us the flip-out screen which is really handy for low level macro shots and the like.

    So it is definitely worth getting into a camera shop to handle the two side by side as the ergonomics of the camera can make a huge difference - if it feels right in the hand and the buttons are laid out logically, you'll use it more.

    As you're after in-flight shots, the key things for you to be interested in (as features) will be the AF, FPS and buffer size.  The Autofocus of the two bodies you mention is much the same, you'd have to move up to the (not yet available) 750/760D to get a big step up in AF capability, so not much to choose between them.  The number of Frames Per Second is important for fast moving action - a sequence of a bird flying past gives you a choice of wing positions (human reactions aren't quick enough to press the button at the exact millisecond required!).  The last item, buffer depth, you may have to dig on the Canon site to determine as it's not always mentioned.  It's the number of shots you can take at max FPS before it slows down.  It's not uncommon in the lower end models that the buffer is quite small.  That's not the end of the world, but a limitation to be aware of.

    As far as lenses are concerned, the key comment I'd make would be to go with STM versions of the kit lenses if at all possible.  STM lenses focus much faster (and quieter) than the normal ones which is a godsend with in-flight shots.  If you can find USM drive lenses, they too are fast (all the more expensive lenses use USM).  The 18-55 STM is fine, but I'd look at the 55-250mm STM for your telephoto.  Yes, you lose some length over the 75-300, but the 55-250mm is a cracking little lens and what you lose on length you'll more than make up for with sharpness


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    I was also recommended the 700D rather than the 100 - the flip out screen really is a useful addition. Can't help with the lens, with the money I saved on the camera body I went for the drastically more expensive metal-bodied 70-300mm L series lens (which considering the abuse it's been through was just as well).

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    It's a bit of a minefield starting out on the DSLR road so don't rush into hasty decisions, Shane. I think WJ has given good advice. From what I've read the Canon 700D has had good reviews and if your budget can stretch to it, it sounds the better bet.

    Unless you are committed to Canon, the Nikon D5200 which is in a similar price bracket has also had good reviews. I know nothing about Nikon cameras or lenses but aiki may be able to help you as she is a Nikon user.

    Park Cameras at Burgess Hill is not too far from you. They have a pretty good reputation (or so I've heard) for giving good advice. It might be worth a visit.



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    Thanks for replying Joe and Stuart I am now swinging towards the 700D after your recommendations its now a case of shopping around for the best deal. Im still open for any more advice or different cameras, my current Canon SX30 has a flip out screen but I tend to use the view finder more.

    Regards Shane


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    Thanks Tony especially for the link to Park Cameras I will pop down there Wednesday I might even get a reasonable discount if I trade in the SX30.

    Regards Shane


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    I don't want to throw a spanner in the works but within a similar price range, if you were prepared to consider used equipment, wex photographic have some used EOS 7d bodies ranging up to around the £450 mark. My nephew recently bought one from them for £360 and it also came with a 12 month warranty. One of the downsides would be that you would still need to get a lens which makes it all to easy to vastly overshoot the budget.


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    If I go ahead with the Canon 700D (decision will be made after visiting Park Cameras). I have managed to find the following Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit with 36 month warranty for £343.99 if anyone finds better please let me know.

    Regards Shane


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    Thanks Paul, but as you point out I think it will go well over my price range I need a lower price range to start with to see how I get on with DSLR cameras first.

    Regards Shane


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