Ospreys on the Exe 9th September 2016

For those of you thinking of coming down to Devon to see the Ospreys on the Exe it now looks very likely you will be in luck as I have taken this report from a reliable source taken minutes ago from Devon Birds website. I cannot remember ever hearing of so many birds arriving at the same time and staying around. It certainly is a rare sight and i think record counts. 

from the viewing platform 12:30 till 15:30

the continued good showing of Ospreys continued with at least 8+ seen most successful in catching a fish before heading of to roost up, from other reports received looks like we missed at least another 2 birds ( 1 before we got to the viewing platform and another that was seen from exton over turf which we couldn't see) , also received another report of 3 osprey of the goatwalk at 16:50, hard to say how many are around the exe at the moment but must be at least 10+ and probably more it is a great sight to see multiple birds fishing the estuary this week has been amazing and the best time has been on the dropping tide. A photo on the web from yesterday. brilliant views being had by many birders