Spotted Flycatchers arrival

Two Spotted Flycatchers seen Sunday - new birds on the local patch...plenty of Swifts, House Martins Swallows and one Hobby in off the sea. Always a

nice sight to see the Summer birds safe arrival.

  • Lovely birds to see! On Sunday me and a birding friend noticed the Swifts had arrived here so we headed out in hope of a new patch tick. Lo and behold, we found the first Spotted a Flycatcher on my patch since 2004! And yesterday I found another one so there's a chance of breeding, fingers crossed!


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  • In reply to Gus R:

    Brilliant Gus, they were so common to see and many a nest found around houses and barns in rural locations, however that was many moons ago....lets hope they have another good year and become a common sight again. Yes a lovely bird indeed! Today in the garden i heard and saw many swifts over head so still plenty coming through. These maybe now resident summer birds that nest locally...lets hope so.

  • In reply to Derek C:

    Spotted Flycatchers tend to be the last summer migrant to arrive in our area,their arrival must mean summer is on its way.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can