2015 Swifts

 Continuation of 2012 Swifts from here ...... http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/wildlife/f/1916/t/79001.aspx?pi2132219858=1#945786 

Greenbird posted this today .....

'Spotted my local swifts (Cardiff) at about 5.00pm today. As this is their usual date to show up, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for them. Nothing - hadn't seen a single one till 5.00pm.

Summer's here! Which of course means a couple of weeks of cold wet weather to come.....'

To which I replied .....

'Well that's good news GB about the return of your Swifts but not about the awful weather to come!!

I am going to start a new thread for sightings & general news updates for all our Swifts as this current thread is one that has been corrupted by removed posts & does not open when 'last post' is selected ... It involves starting from beginning of 10 pages & scrolling through to the end each & every time a post is made!

There will be a link from here to new thread & a similar one in new thread so that all this info does not sink without trace & I shall copy your post over!'

Now all I need is for some kind soul to make my links 'posh' ones!!


 2013 photos & vids here

eff37 on Flickr

  • Quick work!

    Needless to say that it's now raining here and no sign of the swifts..... So I've turned my swift calls off for the evening.

    But really looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow.

  • In reply to greenbird:

    Saw my first two in Stevenage tonight as well.  Three days early this year.  They didn't stay long before the weather turned, but I'm sure they'll be back later.

  • In reply to Paul Grimshaw:

    Even more good news PG!

    One thing your post resurrected for me GB was that I viewed the Polish cams last year, wonder if they are live again?


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    Doesn't look like they're back on yet. I'm not quite sure of the location - perhaps their swifts return a bit later?

  • Good idea to start new thread, i started last one 3 years ago.  :)

  • In reply to Davey:

    No sign of Sunderland swifts yet, keeping eyes and ears peeled.

  • In reply to Davey:

    Nice to hear about the return of your Swifts,Greenbird.Mine are due from the 6th but have had one eye on the sky `just in case` :-) I`ll be filling the swear box again if the weather`s poor for when they arrive!

  • In reply to edgebander:

    Down here, the weather is invariably pants when they turn up - usually a couple of weeks of cold and wet.....

    Don't think they'll be too long now, EB.

    You may remember we had a bit of a problem with some roofing work at a Uni hall of residence? Well, the Uni has had the work re-done (really brilliant of them!), so I shall be going round there this week to see if the swifts can now access the roof again. We think 4 pairs did manage to nest there last year, but previously there had been 10-12 pairs. Fingers crossed that the problem is now sorted and more of the swifts return.....

  • In reply to greenbird:

    Davey - don't your's normally turn up towards the end of May - or have I got that wrong?

  • In reply to greenbird:

    You are correct its normally near end of May but it was 10th May last year, they were early.  Being further north than most they have a little further to go.