Skylark or meadow pipit?

Hello, on my walk yesterday on Totley Moor (outskirts of Sheffield) I saw these two birds; one was on the path in front of me and the other some distance away in the heather. My initial thought was they were both juveniles and that they were either meadow pipits or skylarks. Looking through my bird books and doing some online research I am still not sure. To me the overall shape of teh bird seems to be more like a skylark than a pipit. But the markings round the eyes seem to me to be more like a pipit than a skylark. Any thoughts and advice are very welcome

  • Bill is stouter than a Meadow Pipit. Eye markings are more pronounced than a Meadow Pipit. Most importantly though, there are no markings on the creamy buff coloured breast. In my opinion, that makes this one a Skylark.
  • Bob's not just retired but he's correct too!
  • Thanks Bobs_Retired and rspbailey. Not only for confirmation of what I saw but also for explaining why.
  • We were lucky enough to watch both species quite a few times when up in Northumberland an I'm pretty certain that Bob is correct


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  • I would say skylark as meadow pipits seem to have thrush like streaks on their chest that go pretty much all the way down but skylarks have a pretty much totally white belly they also sing while they fly and kind of hover reasonably high up this can be a very distinctive identifier as well as learning their calls or songs. hope this helps