Isle of May what is happening in these pics

Just returned from Isle of May and was hoping someone could shed some light on these pictures.  I think it is an adult European Shag with 3 young.  But in one of the pictures it looks like one of the chicks is feeding the other two.  Or is the one doing the feeding an adult?  I mean it just looks too "fluffy" to be an adult.  

  • As far as I understand, chicks can regurgitate food and therefore rather than waste not want not, the other chicks are just making the most of it.

    If anyone can add further then please do.
  • Squabbling over food, maybe?
  • Interesting, and I'm curious.

    It's a shame  only a couple of stills, or even video, because a series of still, would give a bigger sequence of events, almost as good as video.

    Sharing some thoughts in no particular order, other than how they come in to my head:

    • The adult looks very relaxed
    • I wouldn't rule out squabbling, alpha dominance,
    • it doesn't strike me as feeding time from the photos.
    • That said, chicks are always hungry, so I'm tempted rule out the relaxed adult.
    • Preening?

    Just some thoughts, and very likely way off course.

    If I had to go for one, possibly alpha dominance, the pecking order.


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  • Thank you for all your replies. People on another site were insisting the one doing the feeding was the mother, but it doesn't look like an adult to me. Thank you for confirming my suspicious.
    I do have a series of pics. I will post a link to them because they are too large to upload. Not sure if it is allowed, so please delete post if not.!Ap9po339DJazgtMLP_dpueYQ1RS0ww
  • In reply to Liz791:

    I've had a look through your images and uploaded a cropped one here (hope that's okay) and it is definitely a juvenile/chick and not a female adult - for a start it has a gape and fluffy down!