Noise caught on trail camera

Hi everyone 

I set up a trail cam at work for the red kites ( didn’t get any but did get buzzards). When looking back through the vids I come across the noise in the video above, have asked around if anybody knows what makes the noise and nobody knows. This was the only clip with it on. Can anybody identify what it is? 

thank you 

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    Sorry DTH2307.
    I'm one of those who listened to the recording but didn't answer.

    No idea. But in the back of my mind I think I should have one.

    Sorry -
  • Sorry, not a clue I'm afraid.



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  • It's a noise I hear over here (Jersey). I believe it to be a corvid of some type but I've never been able to pin point it exactly. Resident around the area are Jays, Crows and Magpie. At one stage I did think it was coming from the Wood Pigeons

    Cin J

  • So, I might be with Germain on this one.

    A pumping Carrion Crow perhaps (I've gone on on numerous occasions on these forums about these noises, which seem to be uncommon in the UK, whereas here (Switzerland) they are very common).

    I don't quite recognize the timbre, but then it's hard to tell (from the recording) distance, and what anything else would sound like, if you see what I mean.

    Rhythm and length though could perfectly well be a crow.

  • Thanks very much for your responses. A crow or magpie does make sense as I had a lot of them around at the same time as the buzzards were landing. Can’t say I have ever heard that noise before and possibly won’t again! thanks again