unknown bird ?

I spotted a pair of tiny, tiny birds in my local park. Maybe 3 inches max.

very dark brown feathers, but with an orange plumage on its head.

high pitched song. The only bird that comes up when I search is goldcrest or firecrest but I'm convinced it wasn't either of them, they never had markings on their wings and were darker in colour.

Just be nice to know what they were. anyone got an idea ?

  • Hi

    no idea - assuming you got the size right- possibly a bad view of two wrens?


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  • Sounds like you've made a misidentification - a lot of non-birders do this.

    The majority of people have a mobile phone these days and even with the most basic model it has a camera and in this instance even a poor quality photo would have helped to identify your birds but without this then only a genuine misidentification on your part can be assumed.

    Pop back and see if you can get a photo and then we will have a better chance of helping you find out what they were.
  • IMO, goldcrests. I think the, "tiny, tiny birds", and "orange plumage on its head", trumps all other bits of description. Doubt we'll ever know though.