Red pellets found under tree - produced by bird??

Found under our tree in garden (London) - has only been happening in past 4 months or so and has never happened before. I clean them off our table under the tree and then they reappear the next day! They look a bit like droppings but are very dry and... pellet-y! We wondered if they were produced by a bird/animal as they only fall in one patch under the tree so would assume not produced by tree. Anyone seen anything like this?

  • Hi isafairy are they appearing overnight?
    And what is the tree the table is under.?

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  • I have had a few times, pellets like this under a tree & they were a result of the tree being eaten on the inside by a larva (often caterpillar) & these "pellets" like big sawdust are presumably cleared out of the hole. I would check the branch above where the table is & look for a small hole, maybe with a bit of pellet around it. I managed to save one tree by putting a wire in the hole & killing the bug, otherwise it may need more drastic action. We lost an old established Cherry tree & ended up with a stump on the recently planted Apple tree.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hi Alan, it's mostly at night but occasionally in the day too. And the tree is a sycamore :)
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    Hi Hazel,
    Thank you for the advice, that's such a shame that you lost the tree! We will have to do some investigating...
    Thanks again :)