Juvenile Greenfinches?

I can't think what else these could be if not greenfinches, but I'm surprised, because I haven't seen a single greenfinch this year.  They used to be fairly common in the area, but I've been aware of their absence this year.

  • Yes all Greenfinches. The outside two are juveniles with streaky breasts but the middle one looks like an adult.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thank you, Tony.

    I can't believe I needed confirmation of greenfinches, but as I say, I've seen none this year. They used to be quite common, but I've not seen them in the garden since winter, and I've walked that two-mile stretch of path every day since mid-March and not seen one anywhere there, either.

    We have a rose hedge in the garden, and the hips are always popular with the greenfinches in late summer and autumn. I'll be interested to see how many - if any - are around then.