Is this a whinchat?

Having a lovely Easter break at RSPB Minsmere, learning a lot of new birds!  Lots of lifetime ticks for me!

Please can someone give me some pointers as to whether this is a Whinchat or a Wheatear?  I think it's the former, but not 100% sure even after watching the BTO video.  Thanks!

  • Hi Kiera good to hear you are having a lovely time, for me I think it's a female Wheatear...but I'm normally wrong LOL.

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  • I'm opting for Wheatear

    Richard B

  • Definitely a Wheatear for me, too.
    A couple of pointers are: it only has a black stripe through the eye, as opposed to a Whinchat having a much larger dark area over the face and the back of a Whinchat would not have a single block of colour at the top - it would all be the same brown/black patterning.


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  • Thanks so much guys! Alan - you're not normally wrong, that's rubbish! :)

    Nigel - thanks for the pointers. I will try to remember those for the future!