Bird that sounds like a bell

Dear all...I live in rural wiltshire and recently started hearing a bird call in late may that sounds like a bell.  It rings twice...a metallic 'ding ding' sound.  Can anyone help?

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    Identifying birds from a description of the call is very difficult. I think that unless you can get some sort of recording of it we are just going to be guessing. Even a recording made with a mobile phone would be better than nothing. If you can get the sound file onto your computer you can post clips.

    I'm not suggesting this is what you heard but here are some calls of a great tit which include a "ding ding" sound. have a listen to see if it's in the right ball park.


    Not much help I'm afraid.

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    Could also be a blackbird. We have one that does a particular warble, then finishes with a metallic "ding ding ding". I'd love to know where he's picked it up from!

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    Interesting we've got a bird that's been a round for a while now and it makes a metallic bell sound I thought for a while it was a bird that someone was tracking by use of a bell ... but it always seems to come from the direction of the blackbird ...any others here this ?